Charly Chiarelli
Cu'Fu? (Who did it?)
Live Theatre @ Artword Artbar 
Hamilton, Ontario

"It is often stated that it is near-impossible to effectively video live performances". For my purposes, Gabe Etele has challenged this notion and proven otherwise. His company has videoed two of my plays (Cu Fu and Charly's Piano) and the results are spectacular. Not only does it preserve these performances for the sake of posterity, allow all or parts of these works to be used as promotional tools, but the videos are so good they can be packaged and sold outright as performance related merchandise. It's all about the research and sensitivity Gabe employs before he begins to video scenes. This is my opportunity to express my appreciation to him and his company - grazie mille!

Charly's Piano
Live Theatre @ Artword Artbar  Hamilton, Ontario

Ronald Weihs

Gabe Etele made videos of two productions by Artword Theatre, "Cu'Fu?" and "Charly's Piano", starring Charly Chiarelli. Using multiple cameras in a single take, he produced finished products that were of the highest quality. The camera work and editing were both excellent, resulting in thoroughly professional videos that captured the excitement of live performance. 
Ronald Weihs
Artistic Director
Artword Theatre

Lori Le Mare

La Nuit de Glace Cabaret

It was a pleasure working with Gabe Etele on a video of our 5th cabaret. His talent is evident in the creative manner he edited the footage of our cabaret and put together the video and soundtrack with an eye to showing off our talent and to marketing our art.  I look forward to working with Gabe  again and highly recommend his talents.
Lori Le Mare, artistic director/founder
Lori Le Mare Studio Inc./Hamilton Aerial Group
Suite 229 Mill Building
270 Sherman Ave. North
Hamilton On
L8L 6N4
416 820 1407


Alfonso Spoto
The Acoustics
Live @ Grant Avenue Studio, February 15, 2018

When Gabe Etele asked me if he could video tape our live concert at Grant Avenue Studio, I admit I was not very interested. My previous experiences with having our shows video taped to this point were always disappointing. However, he was very convincing and I agreed to have him video tape the show.
That was the best decision that I have ever made. The videos were awesome!
He captured the passion and intimacy of our performance! We loved them so much that we wanted to share them and go public. Gabe was able to edit the studio sound files and the videos to create 6 individual videos which we release on YouTube.
It was a total pleasure working with Gabe. Extremely accommodating and dependable! I would not hesitate to work on any future projects. He is the best!
Alfonso Spoto……..The Acoustics
"Nanna's Lullaby"
Original music composed by The Acoustics.
Accordion:  Alfonso Spoto
Violin:  Bonnie Bell
Acoustic Guitar:  Vincent Spoto

Pamela Jane Gerrand

"A big shout out to Gabe Etele for your fabulous filming of the is so great to have these song snapshots to share."

"Thank you again for your brilliant filming Gabe!!!  It means so much to be able to share these concert clips with people far away who could not attend"

"Thank you Gabe!!  Thank you so much,  Wow,  I've downloaded these first two segments, and they are brilliant!  You've done such a wonderful job with the sensitive and creative, and you've captured these songs beautifully.  I am SO grateful that you have captured the concert.  Truly, it means so much to have a record of it in this wonderful way.  The lighting, the band, the all looks so intimate and exquisite the way you filmed it.